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Pittsburg Adult Education Center

Building Knowledge, Skills, Confidence, and Careers

Pittsburg Adult Education Center

Building Knowledge, Skills, Confidence, and Careers

General Information

Course Updates:

New or adjusted classes are announced and posted as necessary. For the latest information, contact (925) 473-2400.


Adults: Classes are open to all adults (18 years old and older) who are presently not attending high school and are able to benefit from instruction.
High School Students: High school seniors may concurrently enroll in certain classes subject to space availability. State regulations prohibit enrollment in some classes. A Concurrent Enrollment Request / Agreement must be completed and on file for each quarter. To enroll, high school students must first see their high school counselor.


Registration for all classes MUST done online. Please refer to the class page for information on how to register. If you do not have access to a computer, Room 1 can help you register for ESL/Citizenship Orientations. For (Adult) High school diploma & GED students that do not have access to computers, please use computers in Room 23. We also have a QR code in our catalog showing you each step on how to Register Online.

Restricted Entry:

Most CTE classes have restricted entry limited to the first week of classes each quarter.  Direct Instruction High School Diploma and GED classes must be entered during the first week of class.  Other self-paced High School Diploma and GED classes are Open Entry after attending a orientation exam.


Regular daily attendance is necessary if students expect to complete the courses or program in which they are enrolled.

Class size / Closure:

 A class with fewer than 10 students present may be closed after the first hour.

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds for books, classes, fees or supplies. Prorated refunds or credit of fees are issued for a cancelled class only.

Complaint Procedure:

PAEC follows the Uniform Complaint Procedure outlined in PUSD policy AR1312.3. Information and forms are available from the Adult Education Office.


Books are sold in the Adult Education Office. A current PAEC registration is required to purchase textbooks. No refunds or buy-backs.  Students may also purchase their textbooks through a local bookstore or online.

Fees for Agency Sponsored students:

Attendance, progress report tracking fees are $150.00 per quarter. 
Class fees are individual to each class and are listed on the respective class pages along with the class description and schedule.


Non-registered adults or children are not permitted in any adult school class.  Visitors, please come to the Main Office to register.